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THE POETIC MIND by Duane Abbott

£ 6.99 

Welcome to the thoughts of a poet Duane ‘The Poetic Mind’ Abbott.
The poems that you will read I hope will embrace you and will give you an insight to my world, life and thoughts told through my pen. I am a lover of words and how they are moved around, strung together and made into pure beauty. Listening to music in my early years, I can remember as I still do today loving the words and not just the melodies that can make a beautiful song come alive. The first time I can recall writing what I grew to know as poetry was just a few lines in a Christmas card to my then girlfriend at the time. Ever since then I caught this poetry bug which I believe is a God given talent to just write my emotions on any topic that can hit me at any given moment in time.These poems are just some of those emotions over the years that have now graced the pages of my very first book, which I hope to be the start of many. The book that you will read is firstly dedicated to my son named Poetry whose picture graces the front cover. He has inspired me to bring to life thoughts and feelings penned before his birth and after to an audience, which I hope will firstly appreciate my words and connect with the many poems. The Poetic Mind is just that, full of love poems, everyday thoughts, reality and inspirational poems. I promise The Poetic Mind will have you captivated and even may bring that tear to your eye.Please open the first page and may you enjoy a journey into my thoughts.

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 Author Biography


Duane Abbott was born in Paddington, London, England and grew up in the NW of London with his mother and brother. In his early years Duane was a keen footballer playing at youth and semi - professional levels and had dreams of making it as a professional footballer. It was not until High School that he discovered his love of words through his favourite subject, English. But it was short stories that first caught his imagination and it was not long until the love of writing stories mixed in with the presence of the opposite sex that Duane then stumbled on his new found love....Poetry, which he describes as a “As a gift from the Lord above”. His first flirtation with poetry was just a few lines in a Christmas card to his then girlfriend at the time. Ever since then doubled with being a little shy Duane discovered that he could say things through his pen and love of words to describe exactly how he was feeling in detail.It was not until his college years that he was penning a poem nearly every week and with his words was nicknamed ‘Wordsworth’ by his friends. Over the years he has flirted with other aliases calling himself ‘DaPoet’ which he still uses today but has found home with ‘The Poetic Mind’, which would best describe his poetic thoughts.Duane would describe himself as a somewhat shy poet having never performed his work live to an audience but always just writing for his love of writing and would say his poetic style is always being real, current, loving and heartfelt, saying “My pen would not be able to write anything if it was not real and straight from My heart”. From reading his poetry I am sure that you will find an instant connection with his many topics and poetic flows and will quickly know why he calls himself ‘The Poetic Mind’.


ALL THAT GLITTERS by Andreen Mitchell

£ 9.99 

All is never what it seems, life is filled with hopes and dreams.

One hour alone is in thine hands, the hour in which we now stand.

Seize the moment.

Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero.


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LET MY SOUL BE HEARD by Darren Moxam

£ 9.99 

Dedicated to R&B and Hip Hop living life through her eyes, featuring D Nero's erotic stories, poetry about love, life and the many ups and downs that we all experience, creative photography and letters from the heart.

Behind every face there are words to be spoken.